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State of Michigan Allegan & Ottawa lots

Lansing, Michigan

As part of the redesign and consolidation of three parking lots, the design team met with local government representatives and adjacent neighborhood associations, and subsequently presented a phased plan that addressed their design goals while creating minimal disruption to state employees and neighbors. Renovated in the early 1980s, the lots consisted of asphalt pavement, curb-and-gutter, a stormwater system, and overhead lighting. Its eastern lots were repaved in the mid-1990s and in fair condition. The western lot was reduced in size because of the Vietnam Memorial, and was in poor condition. The redesign and consolidation of the three lots provided a center walkway to connect the Capitol Building with the new Hall of Justice Building.

The final plans included parking lot layouts and dimension revisions, providing landscaped areas, including a new walkway between the lots, and improved traffic flow and parking. New entrances and exits with access control equipment were provided, as well as walkways, lighting, landscaping, striping, and signage.