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City of York, Market Street Garage

York, Pennsylvania

The Market Street Garage is a seven-level (two below grade) structure located in downtown York. Originally built in 1968, the parking structure was constructed with a conventionally reinforced cast-in-place concrete pan joist floor system, supported by concrete beams and columns. Significant improvements were required, and although demolition of the structure was previously recommended, our review instead supported restorative solutions. Various options for restoration were developed and, in November of 2007, the City of York General Authority commenced the project design. The restoration included functional, structural, and waterproofing design elements, a new building fa├žade and occupied spaces, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades.

Structural repairs and preventive measures included concrete repairs to the floor surfaces, ensuring adequate structural capacity and sealing/waterproofing all parking surfaces. Operational improvements included modifying the existing ramping system, new signage, new parking and revenue control equipment, and overhead rolling doors and pedestrian gates to limit after-hours access.