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City of Georgetown

Georgetown, Texas

The City of Georgetown is one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the country. The historic Town Square area is home to numerous retail and restaurant venues, local festivals, and special events -- including the annual Red Poppy Festival that draws upwards of 30,000 people each day. Due to rapid growth and increasing pressures on its downtown parking system, the City of Georgetown selected us to perform a downtown parking study and develop a Downtown Parking Management Plan.

The Plan included a detailed inventory and occupancy data collection, existing and future parking demand estimates, stakeholder outreach and public workshops, an online customer survey, parking turnover analyses, a review of existing parking policies and code requirements, specific field observation services for the annual Poppy Festival, and a review of the parking enforcement program. The study resulted in key initiatives that:

• Identified deficiencies in the parking enforcement program and made specific recommendations for improvement
• Verified the critical need to create more parking capacity to serve new and pipeline development projects
• Achieved major buy-in of the new Parking Management Plan from the community due to extensive stakeholder outreach efforts