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City of Dayton

Dayton, Ohio

New leadership has strategically pushed downtown Dayton, the sixth-largest city in Ohio, toward an economic and cultural renaissance. With this economic resurgence, the City recognized a need to modernize and improve its on-street parking system and position downtown for continued growth and revitalization.

To support these needs, we completed a study of the downtown on-street parking program to modernize it while significantly improving customer satisfaction. We continue to assist the City with the implementation of our primary recommendations. As a result of this study, we:

• Presented a new organizational model to make the existing parking system more efficient and responsive to the needs of downtown
• Developed a plan to upgrade parking enforcement and on-street payment technologies in a phased manner
• Assisted the development of the City’s RFP/RFQ documents to acquire and install new mobile payment and parking enforcement technologies
• Conducted an online survey and extensive stakeholder outreach