Toll Free


10 & 120 South Riverside Plaza

Chicago, Illinois

Downtown Chicago’s Union Station is a true landmark. It required comprehensive design efforts, extensive evaluation of the plazas, docks, sidewalks, and plenum space above the railroad tracks in a particularly high-traffic adjacent area. The project’s first phase included a detailed written report based on our recommendations for the restoration and waterproofing of these facilities.

The second phase included the design and implementation of those first-phase recommendations, as well as a detailed construction phasing and pedestrian access plan that maintained pedestrian traffic flow to, and around, the building. Following structural and waterproofing repairs, the plaza received architectural enhancements including the addition of new landscape planters and other hardscape amenities, providing additional green space, and enhancing the public use opportunities along the riverfront. The project details included:

• Full replacement of the building perimeter plaza systems
• Unforeseen buried conditions exposed during the work
• Structural repairs
• Leak mitigation
• Temporary decks built for restaurant dining during construction
• Nighttime and weekend work
• Coordination with Amtrak for property access